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Helping hounds is one of the most trusted professional trainers and walkers in the Grampian area. Since 2017, our services have given both pets and their owners the solution to understanding each other better and living together in perfect harmony.


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Over the years helping hounds has developed a business that caters to you and your dog's daily needs. From every day dog walks, socialisation and play, to hand crafted classes designed to give you and your dog the tools you need to face any obstacles that come your way.  Helping hounds is a fully qualified and proud member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). We believe in using ethical and science based training to build the communication and bond between you and your dog. 


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Caitlin is just brilliant!!! My Monty totally adored her. She had him from 13 weeks and helped train him into the gorgeous well behaved dog he is today. Caitlin is incredibly knowledgable through her training, she only ever puts the dogs first and is a super doggy treat baker too. I’ve had to move away from the area but Caitlin was part of my extended family and Monty misses her & the crew. I’d recommend her without question. Totally awesome.

Whelan K.

I first met Caitlin when she was looking for help with her own dogs. Caitlin is a certified trainer and has heaps of experience, but sometimes we all need a fresh pair of eyes.
In my work as a behaviourist I see a lot of people across the North East with all manner of issues. Caitlin was the first that I trusted enough to invite along to co-instruct classes and to look after my own dogs.
She is incredibly kind and has a wonderful way with the dogs. She continues to take every opportunity to learn, as the more you learn, the more you realise is still unknown! I couldn't recommend her more highly.
Your pet couldn't be in better hands.

McCarthy L.

I have actually joined in a few walks with Caitlin and the way she pays attention and interacts with the dogs is amazing! She truly has their welfare and behavioural needs at the forefront of her mind and speaks to them in the most soothing and positive way. It is really inspiring to see and I am very jealous of how much these dogs love and respect her as their pack leader and their friend!

Nicol H.

I spoke to a lot of dog walkers before going with Caitlin for my five month old Cavapoo. You can tell as soon as you meet Caitlin that she loves dogs so much and has such a nice, positive attitude but equally so professional and takes her job seriously. It’s so nice to see videos and pictures of Autumn having fun whilst I’m at work and to have peace of mind that she is being looked after. Can’t recommend Caitlin enough!

Philippa C.

Cannot recommend enough! The dogs love her, knocking her off her feet with excitement when she comes to collect them. And no wonder--she takes them on amazing off-lead walks with their doggy buddies. Totally reliable, too. And I love seeing pics of my dogs having a blast even though I'm stuck at work!

Sweeney P.


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